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Hybrid Cars Worth Considering

If gas prices are making you rethink your decision about switching to an electric vehicle, consider a hybrid. Out of the three types of hybrid vehicles (full, mild, and plug-in), we recommend plug-in hybrids as a great option for those interested in EVs but not ready to make the transition to all-electric. To help you

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Hyundai and Kias Stolen with a USB Cord

You may have heard about the recent Hyundai and Kia auto thefts that have been occurring in the United States. We’ll go over what’s happening, which cars are at risk, how the trend started, and offer some tips on preventing vehicle theft. What’s Happening? Since July 2022, hundreds of reports have been filed regarding stolen

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Most fuel-efficient 2022 pickup truck models

Today’s pickup truck market is more diverse than ever. The trucks you can buy today range from entry-level workhorses to full-on luxury vehicles, all of which are designed to pull their weight and then some. But with more and more trucks being used as daily drivers, manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into making

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When Should You Order Your Winter Tires?

As summer begins to wind down, it’s time to start thinking about prepping your car for the upcoming seasons. Although we won’t see snow just yet, it’s important to get the equipment you need ahead of time, especially your winter tires, so you’re ready for that first snowfall. What Are Winter Tires? As the name

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Family Friendly PHEVs

A few years ago, it looked like plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) would be the way of the future for the hybrid model segment. But the pace at which battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology is advancing means PHEVs may end up being a blip in the growth of the plug-in vehicle marketplace. Still, PHEVs offer a

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