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What Is a Ceramic Coating for My Vehicle and Should I Get My Car Coated?

By Lori Straus Ceramic coatings are applied to your vehicle’s exterior to provide an extra layer of protection against the elements and damage. However, a lot of misconceptions abound about what a ceramic coating can and can’t do. We’ll break it down for you here. What Is a Ceramic Coating? A ceramic coating is a

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Used Fuel Efficient Hybrid Sedans

by Chris Chase Mid-size family sedans and hybrid cars are among the fastest-fading segments in the auto industry. Sales of the former have fallen off in favour of crossovers and SUVs, while the latter represents yesterday’s technology as electric cars move into the mainstream. Honda and Toyota produced the industry’s first hybrids – the Insight

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2020 Toyota Yaris Review

by Chris Chase Shrinking demand for subcompact cars has seen many automakers cut their smallest models from their Canadian lineups, forcing fans of little vehicles to move up to pricier crossovers or SUVs. Toyota was not willing to do that when considering the future of its entry-level Yaris. It was, however, keen to find an

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Car Names Revived

by Chris Chase In a perfect world, every vehicle a car maker launched would be an overnight success and the name attached to it would become a cultural touchstone. That doesn’t happen often, but it does happen, and not just to rarefied performance or luxury models. The Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, for example, are

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