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Which 2022 Electric Vehicles Have The Longest Range?

The most common concern when buying an electric vehicle (EV) is the vehicle’s range. Range anxiety can be an issue for all drivers, but range anxiety has always been a more common issue for EV owners. When EVs first appeared on the market, they had an incredibly small range, and the lack of readily available

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Tracking Your Efficiency

Have you ever tried to track your car’s fuel efficiency? Being aware of your efficiency and how to improve it is beneficial for both the environment and your wallet, especially with today’s soaring gas prices. In this blog post, we’ll share with you a few tips on how to easily track your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

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Mid-size pickup fuel economy comparison, 2022 vs 2012

The mid-size pickup truck segment is a relatively new one, effectively created in 2015 when General Motors redesigned its Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon models. The new trucks were larger and more refined, with interior space that qualified them for the mid-size designation instead of their predecessors’ compact classification. Since then, other small trucks have

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Crossovers Designed for Off-Roading

About a year ago, we wrote about a few crossovers – utility vehicles designed primarily for paved roads – that have functional tweaks to enhance their off-road abilities. We’re still not sure if this is a short-lived trend or one that will persist as drivers demand more of a middle ground between basic crossovers and

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BEEP, BEEP! The Story of the Nash Rambler

While riding in my Cadillac, what, to my surprise,A little Nash Rambler was following me, about one-third my size.The guy must have wanted it to pass me upAs he kept on tooting his horn. Beep! Beep!I’ll show him that a Cadillac is not a car to scorn.Beep, beep. (Beep, beep.)Beep, beep. (Beep, beep.)His horn went,

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Gas vs Electric

The more the electric vehicle marketplace grows, the easier it gets to find exactly the type of EV you want. While the segment started out small with compact cars like the Nissan Leaf and Ford Focus Electric, you can now choose battery-powered mainstream and luxury SUVs, small and mid-size cars, and even a full-size pickup

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