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Luxury Full Size Hybrid Sedan

by Chris Chase Most of the upscale plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles reaching the marketplace these days are SUVs, reflecting that vehicle type’s popularity. However, luxury brands made their first forays into the electrified-vehicle segment about a decade ago with more traditional full-size sedans using gas-electric drivetrains. These cars showed luxury-car buyers that saving fuel

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Used Diesel Economy Cars

by Chris Chase Diesel engines looked poised for big things in the mid-2010s. Volkswagen was enjoying massive success with its TDI diesels, particularly in the compact Golf and Jetta models. And then the Volkswagen emissions scandal, known as Dieselgate, hit the fan. That killed diesel’s momentum here as increased regulatory scrutiny scared most other automakers

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Used Large Luxury SUVs

by Chris Chase As a mainstream vehicle type, the luxury SUV is a modern invention. Previously, large upscale utilities existed on the fringes of the marketplace, with the oldest models coming from humble roots. Land Rover’s Range Rover began in the 1970s as a rugged means of traversing the English countryside, and the original Mercedes-Benz

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