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Racing Technology That Has Made It to Everyday Vehicles

Did you know many of the features in your vehicle came from racecars? The world of motorsports has produced many technological advancements that have proven useful not only for high-speed thrill-seekers, but for the safety and comfort of everyday drivers. Let’s look at some parts of your vehicle that wouldn’t be where they are today

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New Cars Available with Manual Transmissions

Many Canadians find automatic cars easier to drive, but some still prefer the higher level of driver involvement that comes with a manual transmission. Although many new cars aren’t being produced with manual transmission as standard equipment, more options are still out there than you may think. If you’re considering a manual transmission in your

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Cars That Are Great for Camping

If you’re planning some camping trips this summer, you’ll want to find the right vehicle. Whether you camp in a tent, under the stars, or decide to sleep inside your vehicle, we’ll help you find the perfect match. Best Camping Cars Technically, if all you need is to load up some stuff, you can take

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Vehicles with Great Factory Sound Systems

Most of us enjoy listening to some kind of audio while driving. For the audiophile, having a top-notch sound system in the car is a must, but upgrading to aftermarket isn’t always feasible. Did you know, though, that many cars come with excellent factory audio systems? Judging a sound system depends on the quality, quantity,

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Crossover vs Car Fuel Economy

Among the many casualties of the auto industry’s transition to crossovers and SUVs is the subcompact car, which has largely disappeared from Canada’s new-vehicle market as subcompact crossovers have become the new entry-level offerings in many automakers’ portfolios. One effect of this change is that there are no longer many new vehicles you can buy

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