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How to Prevent Auto Theft

By Lori Straus Earlier this year, Volkswagen released a popular commercial for the Jetta GLI that suggests that the car’s stick shift prevents auto theft. Although news stories about car thefts abandoned because of stick shifts show up on occasion, driving one doesn’t necessarily protect your car from theft. On the other side of the

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Used European Luxury Hatchbacks

by Chris Chase At the beginning of the 2010s, luxury carmakers were moving away from station wagons as the market for upscale utility vehicles grew. However, not wanting to alienate buyers who appreciate a wagon’s practicality and car-like driving feel, German brands, in particular, began introducing mid-size hatchback models to replace them. In this used-vehicle

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Affordable Used Coupes

by Chris Chase The compact-car mainstream consists of mainly four-door sedans or hatchbacks. However, a few automakers have toyed with coupe models to appeal to drivers who feel that a two-door car looks sportier, regardless of what’s under the hood. Honda is the only carmaker that has produced a small coupe for any significant period

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