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Hybrid Hatchbacks Used

Of all the technologies automakers have come up with to help drivers save on fuel costs, nothing works as well as a gas-electric hybrid powertrain. A conventional hybrid whose battery is charged solely through regenerative braking is a more affordable route to fuel savings than a plug-in hybrid or pure electric vehicle, which are more

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How to Road Trip with Electric Vehicles: Plan Your Travel Route

You want to go on a road trip, but you’re concerned. Will your electric vehicle be able to make the trip? Electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry. They release fewer emissions and don’t require fossil fuels to run. The only problem is that they do not seem effective for long-distance travelling. Electric

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Full Sized SUV Comparison

As you’ve seen in our previous fuel economy comparison articles, engine technology has done a lot to improve fuel efficiency in all sorts of vehicles, from compact sedans to pickup trucks. In this article, we’ll look at fuel economy in the full-size SUV segment, where domestic and Japanese automakers pair truck-like capability with the flexibility

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What Should You Purchase for Your Car: A Booster Pack or Booster Cables?

In Canada, keeping booster cables stored in your car has always been the norm. But jumper cables are not the only option for protection against dead batteries. With booster packs taking over the market, which option is the best if your vehicle’s battery dies and leaves you stranded? Advantages of Booster Packs Booster packs, or

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When Will Manufacturers Stop Making Internal Combustion Engines?

Internal combustion engines have always been the go-to for car manufacturers. Unless you use an electric vehicle, your car most likely uses an internal combustion engine. Internal combustion engines burn fuel, like gasoline, to create energy that powers your vehicle. This process releases toxic emissions into the air that are harmful to the environment. So,

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