Vehicles with Long Range on One Tank on Fuel

Previously, we discussed how to find the most fuel-efficient vehicle by class. In this post, we’ll look at some vehicles with a long driving range on one tank of fuel or, in the case of electric vehicles, one full battery charge.

First, let’s go over some terminology. Fuel efficiency refers to how much fuel (gas, electricity, hydrogen, etc.) a vehicle needs to travel 100 kilometres. Driving range, on the other hand, refers to how many kilometres a vehicle can travel on a full tank/battery before needing to stop for a refill. Both of these are valuable to consider in your search for a new vehicle.

Gas-Powered Vehicles

Blue Nissan Sentra car moving on the street.
Nissan Sentra

Most vehicles on the road today are powered by an internal combustion engine, using gasoline as fuel. The average range of a gas-powered is about 400 km to 500 km.

To start off our list, here are some gas-powered passenger cars that have an above-average driving range on one tank of fuel:

Electric Vehicles

Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV charging
Ford Mustang Mach-E

If you’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle, you’ve likely wondered if you can get as much range out of it as a gas-powered car.

The average range of EVs today is between 200 km and 400 km on one charge, with some vehicles reaching up to 600 km. Although you may have to plan your route ahead of time to ensure you come across a charging station, many EVs are on the high end of this spectrum, with a long driving range to help you get wherever you need. Here are some examples:


Honda Accord Hybrid on a dealers lot.
Honda Accord Hybrid

For those interested in moving away from gas-powered cars but who are worried about experiencing range anxiety with a fully electric vehicle, a hybrid is a great alternative. Hybrids have both a battery and gas tank, so you can rely on two forms of range. Keep in mind, there are a few hybrid types (full, mild, and plug-in). The type you choose will determine what kind of fuelling method(s) it requires.

On average, hybrids can travel about 70 kilometres on electricity and then an additional 400 km to 500 km gas. These are some hybrids with a high range rating currently on the market:

Road Trip Vehicles

Red Chevrolet Suburban on dealers lot.
Chevrolet Suburban

If love road trips, you’ll appreciate a vehicle that has both long range and a decent amount of space to fit everything you need.

Here are some vehicles with substantial packing space and lots of range so you can focus on stopping to see the sights–not the gas stations:

Making the Most of Your Tank

Conditions such as the particular year, trim, gas tank/battery size, driving conditions, and your driving habits will all influence the range of any vehicle. The examples in this post are all known for substantial range in their class, but the exact number of kilometres they can reach on one tank/charge can vary. To make your fuel last as long as possible, consider adopting some fuel-efficient driving techniques.

If you’re still on the hunt for your next car, you can find many more articles about fuel-efficient vehicles and other automotive tips and news on our blog. If you’re curious about your vehicle’s fuel consumption, you can look up it up here.