Vehicles that are Great for Road Trips

If you’re planning a summer full of road trips, you’ll need the right vehicle. Your search should factor in things like how many passengers you’ll have, how far you intend to go, and how much you’ll be packing. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best road trip vehicles to help you find the perfect ride for your journey.

Best Road Trip Vehicles


For groups of five or more, an SUV is arguably the best kind of vehicle for your road trip. Most SUVs can comfortably fit seven or eight people, with room to spare for your luggage. Despite their large size, many SUVs have good fuel economy, so you can focus less on your gas budget and more on your destination. Have a look at these:

Pickup Trucks

If you’re going to have fewer passengers but more luggage, a pickup truck is a great option for your road trip. If your trip will involve unpaved roads, a pickup truck will provide a smooth and sturdy ride—and you won’t have to worry about damaging your transmission. These trucks are built for the job:


A maroon 997 generation Porsche 911 Turbo convertible being driven down a driveway

For solo or couple trips, a small convertible is a great choice for enjoying your road trip with a bit of luxury. Check out these popular options:

Electric Vehicles

Even though you may be worried about range anxiety, don’t count electric vehicles out completely for your road trip. As long as you plan ahead and make note of charging stations along the way, you should be able to complete your journey in an EV like one of these with no problems:


If a fully electric vehicle is too much of a commitment, a hybrid is another great road trip vehicle that gives you the experience of driving electric with the security of a backup gas tank. Here are some to get your search started:

Other Things to Consider

If you know you won’t come across any refuelling stations during your road trip (or just want to stop as little as possible), prioritize looking for a vehicle that can drive a long distance on one tank.

If you’re going to be towing a trailer, make sure you’ve got the right equipment and spend some time practicing to get used to the feel of the additional weight. Don’t forget to confirm your trailer fits within the weight restrictions of the area(s) you’re traveling.

Getting Ready for the Road

Once you’ve got your ideal road trip vehicle, you’ll be able to focus on planning out your route and what to pack for the journey. For some inspiration, read up on some road trip destinations in Ontario. You can also look into the selection of smartphone apps available to assist you in running your road trip smoothly. For more vacation advice, check out some of our previous articles on how to manage a family road trip and what to add to your packing list for a spring road trip.