Porsche Delivery Program for New Vehicles

Have you ever wanted to test-drive a new vehicle right where it was made? With the Porsche European Delivery Program, you can! We’ll explain what this opportunity is, how it works, and offer some other tips for purchasing your next ride.

What Is the Porsche European Delivery Program?

The Porsche European Delivery Program is a unique car-buying experience that lets drivers get behind the wheel of their new vehicle in the place it was created. Instead of taking a lap around the block at your local dealership, imagine cruising through the European countryside in a vehicle customized to your exact preferences.

The goal of the program is to give auto enthusiasts the ability to fully immerse themselves in the car-buying experience, allowing them to test out a luxury vehicle during a scenic vacation. You’ll leave the trip with unforgettable memories made in your new vehicle—which will come back home with you as the ultimate souvenir!

The program is open to all United States and Canadian residents interested in adding a Porsche to their garage. One party may include a maximum of three adults and two children.

How Does It Work?

You can complete the Porsche European Delivery Program by following these seven steps:

1. Design and order your dream Porsche vehicle

Explore your options online and visit an authorized Porsche Centre to craft your perfect vehicle. Once you’re certain about what you want, place your order.

2. Plan and pack for your trip to Europe

Figure out where’d you’d like to travel, plan your driving route, and don’t forget to pack your sunglasses!

3. Pick up your new Porsche from a pre-selected delivery location

Depending on which Porsche model you order, you’ll pick up your vehicle from one of two locations in Germany: the Porsche Factory in Zuffenhausen or the Porsche Centre Leipzig. Take advantage of the other amenities at these locations, including factory tours, detailed vehicle instruction on a track, and a night’s stay in a local hotel.

4. Take a European road trip to get acquainted with your vehicle

Experience some of the beautiful sights Europe has to offer in the comfort of your new Porsche.

5. Return your Porsche to a designated drop-off location

When you’re all travelled out, drop your vehicle off at one of the eleven available locations across Europe.

6. Head back home

As you head home, your Porsche will be carefully transported to North America, as well.

7. Reunite with your Porsche on home soil

Once you’ve gotten settled back home, head over to your local authorized Porsche Centre to pick up your vehicle. You can pick up your Porsche from the same location you ordered it, closing the experience out in a full circle.

The program is offered on any Porsche vehicle, excluding the Porsche Taycan. For more details on the European Delivery Program, visit your local Porsche Centre.

Car-Buying Tips

Whether you decide to embark on the Porsche European Delivery Program or not, make sure to get all your finances in order before buying a new car. If you’re interested in getting the convertible experience from home and on a smaller budget, check out some used European convertibles. Whether you buy used or new, always go through a trusted vehicle seller and watch out for curbsiders. For more automotive tips and news, visit our blog.