Four Ontario Race Tracks to Take Your Electric Vehicle

Racing is exhilarating. The thrill of pushing the limits of your vehicle’s potential is unmatched. But when we think of racing, we rarely consider electric vehicles (EVs) to be the ones tearing around the track.

The problem with EV racing is that many assume track driving isn’t for EVs. There are many reasons why. For starters, we often associate race track driving with loud engines. EVs are quiet as mice. EVs are also seen as practical cars, not fun cars. Furthermore, some people even believe EVs can’t reach the same speeds as gas-powered sports cars.

Luckily for racing fans with EVs, this isn’t true. EVs have a higher acceleration rate than many other vehicles and can reach some fairly high speeds. With so many charging stations now in Ontario, it’s easier than ever for EV drivers to take a trip to an Ontario race track and test the limits of their car.

If you’re looking to try some fast-paced automotive action with your EV, here are four race tracks in Ontario for you to take your vehicle.

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

The Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is in Bowmanville. Since the park opened in 1961, they’ve hosted many racing events from well-known brands, such as NASCAR and Formula 1.

This motorsport park runs track days, organized by a service provider such as 6th Gear, where you can take your EV for a spin around the 3.957 km circuit.

Shannonville Motorsport Park

Next, in Shannonville, is Shannonville Motorsport Park, built in 1974. It offers car lapping days for those who want to experience their 4.03 km Long Track. By registering for one of these days, you can take part in a full day of EV racing from 9:00am-5:00pm. For those who can’t commit to a full day, Shannonville Motorsport Park also has Motion Mondays from 6:00pm-8:00pm for a shorter, but no less satisfying, experience.

Toronto Motorsport Park

The Toronto Motorsport Park is in Cayuga. It opened in 1955 and features both a 3 km road-racing circuit and a 0.4 km drag strip. At this Ontario race track, not only can you test your EV’s traditional racing limits, but you can also try out drag racing.

Drag racing is available for any vehicles that pass technical inspection on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. All makes and models are welcome, so it’s the perfect place to show off what your EV can do. If drag racing isn’t your style, Toronto Motorsport Park also has Open Car Lapping Days for you to try your EV on a racing course.

Oro Station

Oro Station is the only race track in Ontario listed here that is not currently open. The track will open in 2023, but we wanted to include it because of how unique it is.

Oro Station is more than just a race track. It’s also a community destination for motorsport, the first of its kind in Canada. Along with a 4.1 km racing circuit, the 320 acre space will also feature motorsport businesses, hospitality areas, member garages, an education component with Georgian College’s Automotive Business School, and much more.

A range of businesses have already shown an interest in Oro Station, with specialties ranging from automotive restoration and repair to research and development. Ettractive, a partner in the Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Associations’ Project Arrow, has already announced their partnership with Oro Station. Project Arrow is a Canadian electric car development program.

Clearly, Oro Station has its sights set on the future, which couldn’t be more perfect for EV racing. When it opens to the public, you’ll not only be able to race your EV but also experience a full community of motorsport enthusiasts and experts.

Take Your EV Racing

If you like the thrill of racing cars, take your EV out and experience the joy of track racing. EVs are the future of the automotive industry and these four race tracks in Ontario are ready for you to drive your car to the limits!