Racing Cars – a Thrill of a Lifetime

Had enough of playing racing video games? How about trying the real thing – to see how you do under a “real” racing situation in a safe environment. Then look no further then the “Thrill of a Lifetime” driving experience at the Bridgestone Racing Academy at Mosport International raceway near Toronto.

The Bridgestone Racing Academy

Several racing schools were created when Canadian Jacques Villeneuve clinched the 1997 Formula 1 World Championship. The less serious organizations closed their doors a few years after. The Bridgestone Racing Academy debuted back in 1991 and has been on operation since then.

The Academy offers a wide range of driving courses, ranging from the half-day experience to the extensive, three-day race license course. The Bridgestone Academy also offers corporate entertainment events for top sales staff, VIP clients and suppliers.

Car Racing

We’re not talking about one car at a time, but a group of cars together on a real race track! Imagine the thrill of driving on a purpose-built ribbon of asphalt. This will give you a true taste of what the Pros experience.

Here’s how it works

  • Following an introductory briefing, you will be issued your personal racing gear and then off to a pit lane and into one of your own Reynard Formula 2000 race car.
  • These purpose-built single seaters are very responsive with an incredible power-to-weight ratio (125 HP for only 1,000 lbs). After your “warm-up” lapping session, which becomes the topic of conversation between lessons.  Drivers then return to the track for a 15-minute lapping session at speeds set by the Instructor’s Pace Car.
  • The next level allows you to drive a Van Diemen Formula car. Everything from their incredible handling and acceleration to their amazing braking capabilities will entice you to want to push yourself and the car to greater heights each and every session.
  • The race prepared & fuel injected dual overhead cam 2.3 litre Duratec engine is performance mapped by laptop and provides an impressive range of torque. Combine that with a vehicle weight of only 1000 lbs. and it makes for a very exciting race car!
  • And just like an F1 or Indy car, your “dashboard” is all digital and mounted on the steering wheel including the rapid rise RPM light array “tach”.


  • You are not responsible for any damage done to your race car
  • You will not be charged simply because your wheels go off-track or you spin.
  • You also get a catered lunch, a group photo and graduation awards.

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