Which Cars Are the Cheapest to Insure?

When you’re trying to create a budget for your car, you’ll factor in insurance costs. You may assume that the cheaper the vehicle, the lower your insurance premium. These days, insurance costs are no longer as simple as they may have been when your parents were your age. However, several companies have created lists of the cheapest cars to insure, and although these lists aren’t guarantees, they can help you choose the right car that can help lower your insurance rates.

Before We Start: It’s Not Just about the Car

The car you drive is not the only factor involved in creating your insurance rate. That’s why they take into account your driving record, where you live, your age and gender, and other factors. The car you drive is only part of the equation.

Cars That Come with Low Insurance Rates

You’ll find a few lists online, but use them only as guidelines. For example, one website lists the following cars as the cheapest to insure in Ontario:

Whereas another website lists the following vehicles for 2019:

You don’t see too much overlap, do you? Moreover, the first list comprises mostly of 2WD vehicles. What’s more important to you? Lower insurance rates? Or easier driving in our Canadian winters? Pay attention to the sources lists like these use to make their conclusions, and then use their conclusions as guidelines.

Used Cars with the Lowest Insurance Rates

The usual warning: take this list as a guideline, not a guarantee. This website says these are the cheapest used cars to insure.

Our Conclusion: Get Quotes from Your Insurance Broker

Very generally speaking, cars considered family vehicles tend to run lower rates, because the assumption is that drivers of family vehicles are more cautious. Performance cars typically come with higher insurance rates. But to really know what your insurance will cost you, get quotes from your broker once you’ve whittled your list down to three choices. Only then will you really know which cars come with the cheapest insurance rates.

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