Vehicles with Great Factory Sound Systems

Most of us enjoy listening to some kind of audio while driving. For the audiophile, having a top-notch sound system in the car is a must, but upgrading to aftermarket isn’t always feasible. Did you know, though, that many cars come with excellent factory audio systems?

Judging a sound system depends on the quality, quantity, and placement of the speakers inside the vehicle. Let’s look at what brands are offering some of the best factory audio systems on the market.

Most of these brands offer the same standard audio system on most of their fleet with the option to upgrade to more advanced systems on select vehicles.


burmester speaker in a Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz uses Burmester audio in most of their vehicles, including the upcoming EQC and the 2022 S-Class. The most extravagant of their audio options is the Burmester High-End 3D-Surround-Sound system.

With a trunk-mounted subwoofer, 27 speakers for the car—some of which are mounted on the ceiling—and 1,590 watts of output, this upgrade is in a league of its own. This system is only available in the brand’s flagship S-Class Sedan, but you’re guaranteed a great audio experience in pretty much any Mercedes-Benz car.


Volvo Dealership at Night with XC90 SUV

Volvo’s Bowers & Wilkins audio upgrade is available on all of their 60 and 90 range cars (XC90, XC60, V90, V60, S 90, AND S60). It fills your vehicle with sound via 19 speakers, including a tweeter on the dashboard, and 1,400 watts of output.

As a more budget-friendly stereo system for cars, Volvo offers the XC40, one of their bestselling cars, with a Harman Kardon audio system. This is another excellent audio option, giving you 13 speakers and a 7.1-channel surround system.


Mark Levinson speaker in Lexus NX

Lexus has been partnered with Mark Levinson audio since 2001 and uses it in all of their vehicles today. Since 2019, this audio technology has offered users the ability to restore compressed audio files to deliver remarkable sound.

The audio systems in the Lexus ES and LX have 19 speakers, while the other models, excluding the Lexus LS, have 17 or fewer. With 23 speakers, 16 channels, and 2,400 watts, the Lexus LS audio system truly stands out from the rest. It’s also considered one of the most affordable luxury audio systems on the market.

Land Rover

Meridian Speaker in Land Rover

Land Rover is partnered with Meridian for its audio systems. The brand offers three audio options. The more expensive, Surround Sound and Signature Sound, impress more than the first.

You’ll find the 19 speakers for the car and 825 watts of the Surround Sound system in many Land Rover SUVs. Signature Sound is currently only available on the full-size Range Rover. This upgrade will get you 29 speakers, 1,700 watts, and a dual-channel subwoofer that gives you the feeling of being engulfed by the music.

The Coda on Stereos for Cars

Each of these brands offers high-quality audio systems in all of their vehicles, so any factory system you pick will give you a satisfying listening experience. Some other brands with great audio systems include Audi, BMW, Cadillac, and Lincoln.

If you’re ready not ready to buy a new car just yet, you can look into some aftermarket options to enhance your audio experience. An amplifier, for example, can increase the bass in your vehicle, and new speakers will improve the sound quality.

Testing out Your System

Whether you get a new ride or upgrade your current one, a great place to test out the audio system is at a drive-in movie theatre. To accompany your sound system, check out some accessories to make your car seat more comfortable to fully immerse yourself into the music.

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