New Cars Available with Manual Transmissions

Many Canadians find automatic cars easier to drive, but some still prefer the higher level of driver involvement that comes with a manual transmission. Although many new cars aren’t being produced with manual transmission as standard equipment, more options are still out there than you may think.

If you’re considering a manual transmission in your next car, we’ll offer you some advice on how it’ll affect your driving experience. We also have a list of some of the new manual models you’ll have to choose from.

Why Go Manual?

Manual Transmission Is Still Cheaper

Less demand for manuals has led to lower production, so they’ve become more expensive over the years. They’re generally still cheaper than automatic cars, however, especially if they’re used. Manual transmissions usually need less maintenance and have better fuel efficiency, as well, so you should be able to save even more money in the long-term.

Better Driving Experience

We can’t talk about manuals without mentioning how it feels to drive one. For those who love driving stick, a manual provides way more control than an automatic. Being able to control your gear lets you really focus and enjoy driving.

Braking often feels smoother in a manual car and you can better conserve and maximize engine power by selecting the optimal gear for a particular situation-something automatic cars don’t always get right.

Although it can be a bit of a learning curve to get used to driving manual, you’ll likely find it’s worth the investment. (Not to mention, since many drivers these days don’t know how to drive manual, there might be a chance that a car thief doesn’t either…no guarantees, but something to think about.)

New Manual Cars

But don’t despair! Many makes still offer models in manual, often in both. For your convenience, we’ve listed a sample of specific ones that are available in manual transmission to show you the range still available. You’ll find slight differences in features, design, and price for each model depending on the release year. In this post, we’ve referenced 2021/2022 models.






Pickup Trucks

If you’re still considering what transmission to get, most of these vehicles come with an automatic transmission, as well. If you’re not concerned about having a newer car, plenty of older models are also available with manual transmissions.


Manuals are still more popular in Canada than in America, but our numbers aren’t comparable to Europe, where manuals have long dominated the auto industry. Over the years, the teaching of driving stick has dwindled, and many younger generations of Canadians have no exposure to it at all. Although it’s unlikely manuals will ever be as common in North America as automatic cars, it’s possible more new cars could be made with manual transmissions as an option if the public showed an increased interest in them.

For stick shift fans, you can follow #savethemanuals online to connect with other people invested in preserving and promoting the use of manual transmission cars.

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