Great First Cars

Deciding what car is a great first car for you can seem overwhelming. With so many vehicles in different shapes and sizes, it’s easy to get stressed. Today, we’ll break down the four foundations of what to look for in a great first car for you.

Practicality is important in a vehicle because it has to fit your life and your needs. Manoeuvreability is key, so that no matter the tight space you’re in, you can always get out. With rising gas prices, finding a vehicle that looks good and is fuel efficient is probably a priority for many buyers now. But most of all, you want a vehicle that is user friendly so you don’t get hung up trying to perform everyday tasks.


Toyota RAV4

Practicality comes in many forms, especially in today’s car market. The car industry has shifted from traditional sedans to car-based sport utility vehicles (SUV for short). A few things to consider:

  • SUVs offer all-wheel drive with fuel economy close to that of a sedan. Plus, they offer lots of room behind the passenger seats due to the hatchback roof line.
  • Traditional sedans often offer more rear leg room and the ability to have a trunk without windows.
  • Hatchback cars have been around a longtime, sharing a body type similar to SUVs. They offer flexibility in carrying cargo as well as people.


Regardless of a vehicle’s body type, remember this: you will have to park this vehicle everywhere you take it. So, make sure the vehicle you choose feels comfortable to manoeuvre.

By sitting in the driver’s seat and looking around, you can get a good idea of outward visibility, but that’s only half of it. Once you’re actually driving the vehicle, take it to a parking lot and try parking. If you find it difficult, consider other vehicles that may be easier to move around in tight places.

Fuel Economy

Finding a car that is good on gas will help you stay away from the pumps. Trust us: your wallet will thank you.

It’s becoming easier to find vehicles that are fuel efficient. When new models come out each year, they are more powerful and efficient than the models they replace. But don’t worry: it’s not just the new cars that are efficient. The push for efficiency has been happening since the 1970s.

One common misconception is that the smallest cars are the most efficient. While they can be, it is not always the case. The best place to find all the correct fuel economy information for the cars you’re considering purchasing is the Government of Canada website.

User Friendly

Each car brand designs their cars differently, using their unique spin to perform the same tasks. When researching as well as test driving, keep in mind where the controls you use most are. Are they in an accessible, easy-to-reach place for you? Or is the volume knob too easily confused with the temperature control? This goes for trunk space and back seats as well.

When purchasing a vehicle, most people plan to keep it for at least a couple of years, so make sure you are comfortable inside and outside the vehicle.

Take Away

In today’s car market, there is really no such thing as a bad first car. It comes down to what you like as well as what fits your lifestyle. By taking it back to the basics, we could highlight the fundamentals of what makes a car a great first car. Ultimately, you want to find a car you’re comfortable in so you can have many years of relaxed driving ahead. No matter what you’re buying, check back regularly for tips and other useful information.