Record-High Gasoline Prices: Will They Continue to Climb?

You may have noticed that gas prices have been on the rise. In April 2020, because of the pandemic, the average gas price sat at just 76 cents. In early July 2021, the average soared to $1.36, almost double that. As the spread of COVID-19 finally appears to be slowing down, experts expect pump prices will continue to climb as people become more comfortable stepping outside again.

So how do you save money in the wake of record-high gasoline prices? While we can’t promise bargain basement gas prices, we can show you various ways to stay up-to-date on gas rates and methods to help you get the most out of your tank.

Go Online

Several apps and websites can help you plan where to fill your tank so you can pay less for your gas.

Applications such as GasBuddy and Gas Guru can show you the most affordable gas in your vicinity, making sure you know what price you’re getting before you show up at the pump.

If you don’t want to download anything to your phone, GasBuddy has a website, as well. You can also try the Canadian Automobile Association’s online tool to check gas price averages in any city in Canada.

Change Your Driving Habits

To get the most out of your tank and cut down how often you need to fill up, try following these driving tips.

First, stick to the speed limit and drive smoothly. These two tips alone can help you greatly improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Try not to slam on the brakes or accelerate too fast. Both habits can significantly deplete your tank. Instead, aim to bring your vehicle to a gentle stop and accelerate at a modest pace. This habit can also help extend the lifetime of your tires and brakes, saving you money on maintenance and repairs.

Try Safe Hypermiling

Hypermiling techniques have grown increasingly popular in North America as gas prices climb. Hypermiling is all about driving and maintaining your vehicle to conserve as much fuel as possible. This could include maximizing tire pressure, minimizing air conditioning, avoiding idling, and packing light. When on the road, hypermilers try to maintain constant momentum, keeping their car moving at its optimal fuel efficiency range.

If taken to the extreme, some hypermiling techniques, like coasting downhill with the engine off or slipstreaming other vehicles, can be dangerous.

Switch to an Electric Vehicle

Tesla Model 3

If you are looking for a new car and want a long-term solution to avoid increasing gas prices, consider opting for an electric vehicle (EV). Though the initial price tag will probably be more expensive, an EV can help you save hundreds of dollars on fuel each year by ditching the gas pump. According to Consumer Reports, EV drivers will spend an average of 60% less on fuel than drivers of gas-powered vehicles.

A Final Word on Gas Prices

Paying attention to gas prices isn’t the only way to save money. You can ask your insurance broker to get you a new quote on your car insurance, for example. Proper maintenance goes a long way to save money down the road. Check out our website for further money-saving tips, and hopefully with time, gas prices will drop and then resume their normal slow climb. And if they don’t, when you’re next in the market, consider an electric vehicle.