Dropracks: A New Take On Roof Racks

Roof racks add—pardon the pun—loads of space to any vehicle. But they all come with one major difficulty: loading and unloading them. Whether you have bikes, a kayak, or a roof-top tent, you know you’ll be straining your body to hoist stuff onto the roof. There must be another option that allows more comfortable operation within our normal range of motion, right?

Yes! There is. Beginning in the first quarter of 2022, you’ll be able to purchase a Dropracks roof rack from Venture Outfitters in Canada. Here’s the lowdown. (That’s also a pun. You’ll get it in a moment.)

Dropracks: Roof Racks That Come Down to You

Dropracks are a unique roof-loading system that allows you to mechanically lower the cross bars from the roof to chest level. It’s pure genius.

The cross bars are mounted on a platform that moves toward you and then lowers to your chest height via a few turns of a handle. The Dropracks come in Sport or the larger XL with two different weight limits, making it great to hold kayaks, bikes, or a roof box. Load or unload your cargo, and return the roof rack to your vehicle’s roof the same way.

Compatibility With Vehicles

The Dropracks are compatible with most major vehicle brands. The Sport, which is the smaller version, is best for hatchbacks, station wagons, SUVs and large SUVs. It can hold about 75 kg and costs about $2,400.

Dropracks XL can hold about 80 kg. Since this version is slightly bigger, it’s ideal for SUVs, large SUVs, pickups, and vans. The Dropracks XL costs about $2,900.


A team at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim began development in 2015. They received funding from 2016 to 2017 from the Research Council of Norway to complete product development and prepare for production.

Hettich produces Dropracks in Germany. It’s one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sliding fittings and hinges.

With a few turns of a handle, the loading platform will lift from waist or chest height to above the vehicle without touching the vehicle’s body. This means you don’t need to be the winner of a strongman competition or balance on a step stool to get items onto the roof of your car and securely strapped down.

What About Extra Parts?

Roof bar feet are the only additional components that you’ll need. They’ll allow you to attach the Dropracks to your roof rails. Dropracks doesn’t make them, so you’ll have to purchase ones made by Thule or Altera. But they’re easy to find. Try Amazon, Canadian Tire, or your local car accessory store.

Why Choose Dropracks

If you use your car for more than just commuting, you likely have lots of uses for a roof rack. Whatever you like to do, Dropracks will ensure that transporting your sporting equipment, tools, kids’ gear, or whatever else you need to carry that won’t fit in your trunk or cabin will be easier than ever.

All thanks to the convenience the Dropracks roof racks offer. Welcome to the roof racks of the future.