Roof Racks for Unconventional Roofs

By Lori Straus

Most roof racks require a roof with somewhat standard dimensions, i.e., a rectangular, relatively flat surface that runs perpendicular to the ground. But what if you have a sports car or some other unique car whose roof doesn’t follow conventional design? That’s where the Sea Sucker comes in: it’s a roof rack system that works on any kind of car.

How Does the Sea Sucker Work?

Sea Sucker’s promise is “Any Car. Any Place. Any Time.” Their roof rack system uses powerful suction cups to adhere to your vehicle’s exterior. Each cup has a plunger you depress repeatedly to suck out all the air and affix the system to your vehicle. This may at first sound like an unreliable way to carry cargo, but online reviews are excellent.

How Long Has Sea Sucker Been Around?

The company is based in Florida and began in 2005 by making marine accessories for boats using this vacuum mount technology. In 2009, the design team began creating vacuum-mounted racks for cars. From there, they created vacuum-mounted racks for surfboards, paddle boards, and kayaks, too.

What Kind of Roof Racks Does Sea Sucker Make?

The company offers different suction-mounted cargo-carrying solutions. Although you may not find something for every single use out there, the company does claim that their vacuum-mounted system will work on any vehicle. Currently, the company offers the following:

  • Bike racks for one, two, and three bikes
  • Monkey bars
  • Bike rack system specifically for hatchbacks and SUVs
  • Ski racks
  • Racks for tricycles

How Long Does the Vacuum Seal Hold?

The company’s website doesn’t make any promises here, though online reviews suggest several days, all conditions being good. You need to keep the Sea Sucker clean and always inspect the cups for nicks or tiny tears that could affect the vacuum seal. Also ensure that the surface you’ll be mounting the Sea Sucker to and the vacuum cups are clean.

However, the company has built in a warning system so you know when the vacuum cups are losing their seal: the plunger used to suck out the air has an orange band around it. If you see that band, depress the plunger until it has been sucked back in. Sea Sucker recommends you check your roof rack whenever you get out of your vehicle.

A Good Option for Unconventional Roofs

The Sea Sucker roof rack system appears to be an excellent option for vehicles with unconventional roof designs. Do your research and watch reviews before you buy, but everything points to a very reliable product.