Why Buy an Exotic Car?

by Lori Straus

Exotic cars are not vehicles that you drive on roads in -30˚C Canadian winters. Far from utilitarian machines, exotic cars are machines to be savoured and cherished. Are you considering buying one yourself? It’s certainly not a question to be taken lightly. Given that these vehicles start at five figures and reach into seven or more, you need to be clear about your motives for buying an exotic vehicle. In this blog post, we’ll look at common reasons people buy exotic vehicles.

You See Exotic Cars as Status Symbols

As humans, we certainly enjoy showing our uniqueness. For some, that uniqueness shines through in the way we dress, or perhaps in the kind of career we have. For others, a few choice belongings show the world exactly who we are. And for you, it may be your choice of exotic car.

Exotic Cars Are Works of Art

Porsche 911 Turbo S

Exotic cars aren’t designed to be utilitarian like their mass-produced counterparts are. They truly are works of art, designed to attract the buyer who wants something unique and will pay for it. These vehicles show off the skill, workmanship, and artistic abilities of the teams developing and building them. So if you’ve been admiring these vehicles for a long time and feel it’s about time you afford one yourself, we completely see where you’re coming from.

You Want a Performance Vehicle

There’s no doubt about it: most exotic cars outperform mass-manufactured vehicles. They have more power and torque, improved suspension, and high-performance brakes to control all of that. If you love to hear the rev of that kind of engine, most exotic cars won’t disappoint.

Of course, you can’t drive your vehicle at full throttle on a highway, but closed courses in the country offer you a racetrack experience.

Remember to Evaluate Your Finances

Treat this purchase with even more care than you would your everyday car purchase: find an exotic car mechanic you trust, ensure you have the proper insurance in place, and budget for maintenance. Everything about this car—not just the retail price—will be more expensive.

Last Tip: Get Used to Photos

Heads will turn as you drive by, and your car will probably end up on Instagram more often than you’ll be able to count. You’ll step into the grocery store and come out half an hour later to a small group of admirers pointing out the incredible details that make your car so special. It’s understandable. After all the research and investment you’ve put into your selection, you know how special your exotic car is. Many others do, too.

Enjoy your new ride. Take care of it, and you’ll get many years of enjoyment from your exotic car.