When & Why to Get Professional Detailing

by Lori Straus

There are definitely times when you’ll want to maintain your car yourself. Perhaps you want to save a few dollars on cleaning, or you regularly clean your car as part of your maintenance routine. However, a professional detailing job has its benefits, and we’ll cover them in this blog post.

What Is Professional Detailing?

Professional detailing is a deep cleaning of your vehicle that is undertaken by a professional who’s experienced in cleaning vehicles. However, where you might consider a deep cleaning to include vacuuming the interior and using Windex on your windows, the deep cleaning offered at dealerships and garages can include wiping down your cup holders, cleaning your engine, shampooing your upholstery and carpets, and applying protection to your paint surfaces.

Professional detailers will also use a host of tools and products that you may not have. Depending on the package you buy, your car may come out looking new again.

How Much Does Detailing Cost?

You are typically looking at a range of $100-$300, depending on the package you’ve purchased. Your dealership or garage should have their packages written out so you can decide what fits your needs and budget.

Man car detailing studio worker washing car upholstery with vacuum washer. Auto detailing

When You Don’t Need Professional Detailing

There are many circumstances where it makes sense to clean your car yourself or use a car wash: a quick spring clean, or a 15-minute vacuum to get all the crumbs out from the kids… Those are tasks you can do yourself. Or perhaps you want to wash the exterior and apply a quick wax job. We have several blog posts on DIY maintenance tasks that will save you money.

However, sometimes a professional detail job is the better option.

When to Book a Professional Detail Job

Professional detailers clean cars for a living. The ones who are on top of their game will take great pride in ensuring that you’re happy with the job they’ve done.

Because of their expertise, professional detailers know how to tackle their version of a deep cleaning for your car in the most efficient way possible. If you followed their procedure step by step to detail your car, you’d likely waste a lot of cash and time.

There are cleaning tools and products you can find online and purchase for yourself. However, professional detailers who excel at their job will know what will work best for your vehicle. In addition, they’ll use tools and products that would cost you too much to own.

Professional Detailers Wear Protective Equipment

It’s no secret: your car contains a host of chemicals. Like the dust you see flying in the air when you’re dusting your house, detailing will release many of these contaminants. You’re very close to all the surfaces in the vehicle, so the risk of inhaling or coming into contact with them—despite opening all doors—is much higher.

While vacuuming, dusting, or window cleaning your vehicle likely won’t cause you any problems, cleaning much deeper than that might. In addition, depending on the chemicals that you’re using, you may need to be careful about washing your clothes at home. (At the very least, double check all instructions that come with the chemicals you purchased.)

This is why professional detailers use a variety of protective equipment that you may not wish to purchase.

Protect Your Vehicle and Increases Resale Value

A clean, well-maintained vehicle is an easier sell than one that’s seen better days. It’s certainly no secret that a car loses value overtime. However, maintaining your car well during the years that you own it can slow down that loss. A professional detailer has the tools, products, and time to help you with that. Getting a professional detail once or twice a year will help you better maintain your vehicle and increase your chances of a higher resale value when the time comes.