What Is The Best Cover for a Truck Box?

by Lori Straus

No one wants their cargo flying off their truck bed. Although straps may be necessary to anchor down large, heavy items, a tonneau cover (often called a “truck bed cover” or misspelled as “tonno cover”) lies or rolls over the top of your pick-up truck’s bed. It keeps your cargo under wraps, literally, and can even increase the value of your truck. So, what should you consider when shopping for a tonneau cover? We’ll cover a few pointers in this blog post.

What’s the Weather Like Where You Drive?

When you’re shopping for a tonneau cover, make sure it’s suitable for the range of weather your vehicle will experience. For example, if you’re considering a roll-up cover, ensure that the joints and fabric remain flexible for the coldest temperatures in your region. In addition, if your region gets a lot of precipitation, a fabric tonneau cover may allow water to pool on top.

Washington DC, USA-May 7, 2015:  This Ford F150 FX4 Off Road truck was spotted in a quiet Northwest Cleveland Park neighborhood in Washington DC.  This is a large vehicle with 4 doors and an optional cover for the back.  The Ford F150 series of trucks is very popular combining value and practicality.

What Kind of Access Do You Need to Your Truck Bed?

If you use your truck bed mostly for long sporting equipment such as skis or hockey bags and sticks, then you can slide everything in from the back of your truck bed. Or if you drive your truck for everyday errands, you’ll need access only to the back third or two most days. In both these scenarios, a retractable or roll-top tonneau cover may be more suitable than a hard, tri-fold cover.

However, if you need convenient access to your full truck bed, retractable and roll-tops need housing at the front of the truck bed to store the cover. A tri-fold tonneau cover that you can remove with little effort may be the answer for you.

Secure Your Cargo

You can lock up a tonneau cover, which secures everything when you step away from your truck. Whether you store your work tools, golf clubs, or groceries for the week in your truck bed, locking everything can deter thieves.

However, if you plan to frequently store valuable cargo in your truck bed, a hard, tri-fold tonneau cover will be your safest bet, because thieves can tear through soft covers.

Tonneau Covers Offer Protection

Tonneau Cover on a Grey Pickup Truck Bed

Tarps may seem like a cheap, alternative answer to tonneau covers. However, tarps can tear, can’t be locked, and will let precipitation in. A tonneau cover protects your cargo from rain, wind, and snow, and it locks to your tailgate, letting you secure your cargo even after you’ve stepped away from your truck. Tonneau covers are a truck accessory definitely worth having.