Truck Accessories So Your Truck Does Exactly What You Want It To

by Lori Straus

Whether you bought a new pickup truck from a dealership or a used one from your best buddy, you’ll still want to customize your truck so it’s completely your own. Below we’ve got a list of truck accessories that will help turn the truck you just bought into the truck you’ll never be able to let go of.

Truck Accessories That Secure Your Load

You didn’t buy a pickup truck to go joyriding, you bought it because of its vast storage capacity. That empty truck bed has so much potential. It can hold tools, equipment, furniture…pretty much anything you want it to. Although no one likes to have their cargo stolen at all, you may have some tools and equipment you want to keep locked away. Look for the following accessories to help you secure your valuable cargo from theft:

  • Cargo lockers
  • Tailgate locks
  • Truck bed boxes
  • Truck bed storage systems

2020 Toyota Tacoma BedTruck Accessories That Keep Your Cargo Tied Down

It’s critical that everything in your truck bed be secured so it doesn’t move while you’re driving. Not only will shifting cargo affect how the vehicle handles, but the last thing you want is something flying off your truck and causing an accident. Look for the following accessories to help you tie down your cargo:

  • Air flow tailgates and 5th wheel tailgates
  • Bungee cord cargo nets
  • Cargo bags
  • Cargo bars
  • Cargo cleats
  • Cargo gates
  • Tailgate and load extenders
  • Tailgate nets
  • Tie downs
  • Tonneau covers
  • Truck bed cargo nets
  • Truck bed rails

Truck Accessories to Help You Reach Your Cargo

Loading and unloading cargo from your truck needn’t be a strenuous activity every time you do it. The following accessories will help you more easily access your cargo:

  • Cargo bed slides
  • Cargo ramps
  • Tailgate ladders
  • Tailgate steps

What Accessories Should You Choose?

Customizing your truck is as exciting—if not more so—than actually buying it, because now you get to make it yours. The list of truck accessories in this blog post isn’t exhaustive: there are many more options out there. Truck accessory are your version of candy store, aren’t they? It can overwhelm you unless you know what you want.

First recall the original purpose of your truck. If it’s to move large cargo, then truck bed lockers are likely not going to be as useful for you. On the other hand, if you’ll be transporting tools from one construction job to another, then those lockers might be just the thing you’ll need.

Write down the reason you bought your truck and then all the accessories that excite you. Once you see that list on a sheet of paper, you’ll realize that it’s either exactly what you want or that you’ll have to make some changes. Whittle down your choices until you have just the accessories you need and then start shopping. You already love your truck, otherwise you wouldn’t have bought it. Now you’ll get to love it even more once you’ve customized to reflect you.