Storage Containers That Will Survive the Ride on the Roof

by Lori Straus

Whether you’re heading out to a cottage or other winter destination or planning next summer’s vacation, if you’re taking your vehicle for a long drive or an overlanding journey, you’ll need cargo cases that can handle the weather. In this blog post, we’ll give you a quick overview on two brands: Roam Rugged Cases and Pelican’s newly released cargo cases.

Roam Adventure Company

A relative newcomer to the world of outfitting, Roam Adventure Company arrived on the scene in 2017 and is based in Austin, Texas. They make rooftop tents, rooftop awnings, cases, coolers, and various accessories.

The Roam Rugged Cases come in different sizes, are stackable, have strong latches that lock easily, and a drain hole. They even include a bottle opener on the case exterior so you can kick back and take a break at your destination before unpacking and setting up tent.

Several reviews mentioned one drawback, though: the drain hole isn’t flush with the floor of the container, so you can’t actually drain all the liquid without some effort on your part. But otherwise, reviews were very positive. One reviewer who said he weighed 250 pounds reported that there was no give in the lid of the 160-liter case he was reviewing as he stood on top.

The Roam Rugged Cases start at 220 USD for the 52-liter model and go up to 325 USD for the 160-liter case.

Pelican Cargo Cases

Headquartered in Torrance, California, Pelican Products claims to be the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases, temperature-controlled packaging solutions, advanced portable lighting systems, and rugged gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Founded in 1976, the company today employs 1,300 people at its 200,000-sq-ft headquarters.

Just this summer, Pelican released the latest addition to its product line: Pelican cargo cases that can be mounted to your truck’s roof and/or bed, or stored in an SUV. The cases come in eight different sizes and were designed for the overlanding and outdoor market. Online videos show how easy the latch system works and can be locked. Cargo cases designed for truck beds can fit under tonneau covers, and special mounts can be installed for saddle cases. Pelican cargo cases have a UV inhibitor so that sun doesn’t damage the cases. They are also almost model agnostic: Pelican adapters for these cases fit most roof racks.

Pack up and Go

With the right equipment, a quiet getaway is within your grasp. Pack your gear into containers from either of these companies and head out on your break: you deserve one.