More Towing Accessories for Your Truck

By Lori Straus

Leveling your truck is the most important step you can take to safely towing a trailer[LS1] . Not only does it ease the wear and tear on your back tires and axle, it also greatly improves your steering. Next in line are accessories that make towing much easier. We’ll cover these towing accessories for your truck in this blog post.

Camera for Your Trailer

You may not always be driving with someone who can help you see when you back up your trailer. Attaching a camera can ease your worries, especially because you can see what it sees, whereas you can’t see what your parking partner sees (unless you have telepathic skills). Cameras come both wired and wireless.

Wired cameras require installation, but your signal and image will always be clear, no matter what you’re towing.

Wireless cameras are no doubt much more convenient. You simply attach the camera to the right spot on your trailer and it will send what it sees to a monitor or your phone. However, users report interrupted signals from time to time, possibly caused by other devices and equipment. A wireless camera on a very long trailer can also have difficulties reaching the truck cab.

Automatic Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Male hand metering used tubeless tyre pressure with analog guage

TPMS for short, these systems continually monitor the pressure in your tires and alert you to any pressure abnormalities. Mandated in the US since 2007, TPMS is not legally required in Canada. (According to a 2018 article, Transport Canada stated that evidence doesn’t support mandating TPMS.) In addition, current guidelines still state that you should manually check tire pressure every month, even if your vehicle has TPMS.


This device is a wireless mobile towing scale that links to your smartphone. It displays real-time readings for your vehicle and trailer weights, cargo/payload weight, tongue weight, pin weight, weight distribution, and trailer brake gain, helping you continually monitor the condition of your truck and trailer as you drive. Betterweigh connects to any standard vehicle diagnostic port (OBD-II) and then to your Apple or Android phone via Bluetooth.

Worry Less While You’re Driving

Although trailers and RVs have been around much longer than any high-tech towing aids, having the right towing accessories for your truck can make towing much easier. Not only can you worry less about the safety of your vehicle, cargo, you and your passengers, and your fellow drivers, you can also focus more on driving.

 [LS1]Link to other towing article