Armoured Cars and Canada’s Leading Manufacturers

Armoured vehicles are tailored to their individual customers and are truly custom built with varying degrees of bulletproof glass and accessories. In this blog post, we’ll cover five different categories of armoured vehicles: cash in transit, emergency response vehicles (ERV) or special purpose, limousines, armoured SUVs, and armoured sedans. Prices are not shown for most vehicles we researched due to the customizability, but based on reports, most models will sell for upwards of $100,000 CAD.

Cash in Transit

Without armoured money trucks, our favourite retail and grocery stores could not deposit their money without risking their employees’ safety. That is where companies like Brinks and Garda World come in. They own highly specialized armoured vehicles driven by security staff to make sure the money arrives at the bank safely.

Have you ever wondered who builds that specialized armoured vehicle? The answer is two businesses within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA): Roshel and INKAS. They build cash in transit vehicles customized to each customer’s desired specifications. Usually built on a Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter chassis, they can also be built on a heavy-duty truck platform, such as an International DuraStar.

Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) or Special Purpose

These armoured vehicles do not look like everyday vehicles. ERV and special purpose vehicles are designed and built from the ground up for the purpose that they perform. (Sometimes, though, they do borrow dashes, steering wheels, and drivetrains from Ford F-650s.)

Whether they carry troops of soldiers to a destination or evacuate people from a crisis situation, these are fully customized vehicles. The INKAS Superior APC / AMEV, for example, can hold 14 personnel or six stretchers depending on the need at the time, and functions as a search-and-rescue vehicle that can conquer the most difficult terrain.


This category comprises mostly SUVs and vans. Most of them will look like regular vehicles that you would find on the street, but then you have ones like the colossal Knight XV.

We’ll admit, it is hard not to geek out about the Knight XV a little. It’s also manufactured in the GTA, boasting a ridiculous 6.8-litre V-10 engine. This ultra-luxurious family SUV simply dwarfs whatever vehicle may park beside it. It will also dwarf your bank account, because such luxury comes at a cost of almost $1 million CAD.

Other models that fit into this armoured vehicle category would be the beautiful Mercedes G63 AMG. This stately two-seater has been extended from its original form, creating unbelievable legroom in the rear. The best part? You’ll never be late for a meeting again with the Mercedes 577 horsepower motor. (Just please mind the speed limit.)

Armoured SUVs


Craving a little protection for your family, action-movie style? The BMW X7 INKAS’s Armored Vehicle offers protection for the whole family without sacrificing the third row. This BMW offers 523 hp and AWD, so you know you have the get-up and go to get out of any sticky situation.

Maybe you want to look like you’re driving an armoured vehicle instead of a family vehicle? INKAS’s Sentry Civilian blends the best of the armoured look and ruggedness with pure luxury inside, from the seats to the dash and the steering wheel.

Armoured Sedans

Mercedes-Maybach S600

An armoured sedan can offer options with just as much luxury as an armoured SUV, but in a smaller package. The largest of the sedan options is the Mercedes Maybach S650. It’s powered by a gigantic 6.0-litre V-12 engine with 621 horsepower. It’s the most powerful and fastest car we have talked about today. Based on the Maybach platform, this sedan is truly fit for royalty.

If you want something with the same amount of armour but slightly less flashy exterior, INKAS also manufacturers armoured Toyota Camrys and Avalons.

Armoured Vehicles Built to Protect

The variety of armoured vehicles that are built in Canada is incredible, with an option for almost everyone. One thing is for sure if you are in the market for an armoured vehicle that was built in Canada you will have to be ready to take out a small mortgage for it, maybe even a large one in the case of the Knight XV. But if your business—or even your family—needs that level of protection on the road, Canada has several options for you.