Which 2022 Electric Vehicles Have The Longest Range?

The most common concern when buying an electric vehicle (EV) is the vehicle’s range. Range anxiety can be an issue for all drivers, but range anxiety has always been a more common issue for EV owners.

When EVs first appeared on the market, they had an incredibly small range, and the lack of readily available charging stations made it difficult to use EVs effectively in everyday driving.

Since then, technology has come a long way. Today, you barely need to worry about how far your EV will drive. Charging stations are now common across the country and every year technology to combat range anxiety improves.

 If you’re looking to purchase an EV in 2022 that has a long, reliable range, here are five EV manufacturers that have created EVs made for travelling a distance.

5. Mercedes-Benz EQS – 547 km

The Mercedes-Benz EQS boasts an impressive range of 547 km, the fifth longest range on this list. That is enough to drive from Ottawa to Toronto and still have over 100 km to spare. With a range as big as this, range anxiety won’t be an issue for the average driver. Just plug your EQS in at night and you’re ready to go for the rest of the day!

Beyond its range, intelligent technology equipped in the EQS tailors the car to the driver. The vehicle will learn to adapt to your preferences and anticipate your needs, while facial and fingerprint recognition technology reduces the likelihood of theft.

4. GMC Hummer – 563 km

GMC’s Hummer comes in both pickup and SUV form. Designed for the outdoor explorer, the Hummer has multiple off-road features that can overcome the toughest off-road terrain.

Of course, going off-road means it will be harder to find charging stations, so having a long EV range is important. While the SUV version of the Hummer only has a range of 482km, the pickup version has the third longest range on our list at 563 km.

3. Tesla Model S – 637 km

Tesla is probably the most well-known EV producer, and their vehicles don’t disappoint. Also one of the leading companies in self-driving technology, Tesla’s Model S will include self-driving features like navigating on autopilot, auto lane change, and autopark.

While the Model S, with its range of 637 km, has the third longest range on our list, the 576 km range of the Tesla Model 3 would have been the EV with the fourth longest range if Tesla hadn’t already claimed the number three spot on this list. But we wanted to highlight different makes to give you, ahem, a range to choose from.

2. Rivian R1T – 643 km

The range of the Rivian R1T depends on the battery pack and motor you select, but you can typically drive between 418 and 643 km, making it the 2022 EV with the second longest range.

The R1T also has a towing capacity of approximately 4990 kg and features all-wheel drive. These features make it clear that Rivian built this fully electric truck with long-distance adventuring in mind.

1.    Lucid Air Dream Range Edition – 836 km

The Lucid Air Dream Range Edition has, by far, the longest EV range currently on the market. With a range of 836 km at full charge, you could drive all the way from Toronto to Quebec City and still have range to spare! No range anxiety with this vehicle.

But with this much range, you may be concerned about the time the EV will need to charge. Its range is around 200 km greater than the next closest EV, so the battery would take longer to charge, right? Nope. Lucid Air’s built in Wunderbox charger is compatible with almost all charging stations and can fill up approximately 482 km of charge in 20 minutes.

Ending Range Anxiety with EVs

The manufacturers of these five 2022 EVs have created vehicles with the longest range of any EV so far. They’re leading the pack in battery technology and leaving us hopeful that range anxiety will soon be a concern of the past.