Things for a Garage Auto Enthusiasts Will Want

Everyone likes to have a space to call their own. For a car enthusiast, this may be the garage. Aside from useful tools for maintenance and detailing, there are plenty of ways to deck your garage out in your own style.

In this post, we’ll give you some ideas to spruce up your garage into the ultimate retreat for car fanatics.


great lighting in garage

Proper lighting will let you see every scratch, dent, and misplaced bolt. (Okay, maybe not every misplaced bolt. But most of them!) A combination of both natural and electrical light is ideal for your garage space.

On sunny days, you may choose to keep the garage door open. But when the weather’s not so friendly, extra windows can help. If you have budget for a small reno, consider installing an extra window or skylight to let some natural light in. Or, when your garage door’s up for replacement, get one with windows.

Overhead lights will guarantee you a good quantity of light across your garage. For getting up close, a set of work lights is great for lighting the way through your next project. Bonus points if they’re portable. (While you look for work lights for your garage, take some time to assess whether you need to update your car headlights, as well. Automotive shops that sell work lights for your garage may also sell headlights.)


Row of miniature retro vehicle toys

Some car guys and car girls enjoy collecting memorabilia items, such as model cars or old licence plates. The garage can be a great place to display these hobbies. You can even look out for automotive-themed furniture or upcycle old car parts as modern decorations.

You can also find all kinds of posters, paintings, and stickers to decorate your garage with. From vintage car illustrations to quirky road signs, there’s plenty of car-related art to fit your unique style. And of course, let’s not forget neon signs! Amazon and eBay are good places to start your search for these decorations.

Just like your garage, you’ll also find plenty of options for customizing the design of your car. Expand your décor search by checking out some auto accessories, such as seat covers, floor mats, and plate frames.

For the Serious Car Enthusiast

If you’re looking to do some intense garage remodelling, you can look into customizable garage flooring and storage space. If your garage is going to include a car lift, you’ll need to reinforce the floor with concrete to support the weight. A new floor will enhance both your garage’s safety and its look. You can choose a colour and design that suits the style of the rest of your space and opt for epoxy coating, which will protect the floor from any oil or gas spills.

To get the most out of whatever space your garage has to offer, check out some creative storage ideas. Slat walls, tool carts, foldable work benches, and more will not only improve your organization but can open up your garage floor and give you more room to work on DIY projects.

Let’s not forget plenty of other add-on features for your garage, such as hobby hoists and gator elevators, which can be tailored to perfectly fit in your space.

Other Ideas

Here are some other items that may enhance any car girl or car guy’s garage game:

  • Portable heater
  • AC unit
  • Minifridge
  • Custom metal art
  • Speakers/surround sound system
  • Small TV

You can search for plenty of design inspiration for your garage on various car blogs and Pinterest boards. Happy decorating!