New Year’s Resolutions for Your Vehicle

by Lori Straus

A well-maintained car will last you years, and a proper budget will let you enjoy your vehicle without constantly worrying about money. We’ve collected a few New Year’s resolutions for you and your care so that you’ll get the most enjoyment out of your vehicle.

General Maintenance

Keeping your car in shape will help you keep your car longer. Often, life can become too busy and we forget to make those necessary appointments. Add these three items to your resolution list for 2021 to get back on track with annual car maintenances:

  1. Schedule a midwinter deep clean : you can do this yourself or take your car to a reputable car wash. A midwinter deep clean will help remove salt, grime, and dirt that accumulate from driving your vehicle in the winter and therefore protect your car from the damage these substances cause.
  2. Pick up maintenance supplies for different DIY tasks. These can include waterless car washes, window cleaner, rubbing alcohol, and microfiber cloths. You’ll have an easier time maintaining your vehicle throughout the year if you have the necessary tools on hand.
  3. Protect your vehicle interior. This can include mats to protect your carpet, as well as seat covers. A clean interior can raise the value of your vehicle if you choose to sell it at a later date.

Budget Ideas

Closeup shot of hands holding bottle with antifreeze washer fluid and pouring it into windshield washer tank in winter day.

Also include money in your New Year’s resolutions for your car. You need money to own a car, but you can set for yourself a few goals in 2021 to help bring those costs down.

  1. If possible, increase your monthly payments on your vehicle. You’ll pay off your loan faster, giving you more breathing space in your household budget for other expenses sooner. You’ll also save a bit on interest. Use an online calculator or talk to your lender to figure out the numbers.
  2. Have a look online at some DIY tasks you can do on your own as part of your annual car maintenance, for example, checking your oil, monitoring tire pressure, or refilling your windshield washer fluid. Take time to learn these tasks properly—don’t rush things. Once you’ve learned them, you can save yourself a few dollars by carrying them out yourself. (Then apply those savings to your monthly car payments.)
  3. Call your insurance broker and ask about lowering your monthly insurance costs. If you’re able to save any money, use what you’ve saved for your car payments, too.

Help Your Local Garage and Dealership

Driver Side, Floor Mats

This New Year’s resolution shouldn’t take more than 10 or 20 minutes, but its ripples will be felt for years: if you’re very happy with the service you receive at your favourite garage and/or dealership, leave them reviews online. Car owners like yourself will use online reviews to decide if they should buy from a business. Reviews stay online for years, and nothing would make a more wonderful beginning to 2021 than for your garage and/or dealership to see new, positive reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more.

Happy New Year!