Dealer Extra’s that might be worth considering:

When buying a vehicle from a dealership most buyers will find themselves in the business or finance office before their deal is complete. This is part of the normal process at dealerships. 

You will agree on price and any conditions with your sales person and then meet with the business manager.  This step of the process includes credit arrangements, collecting funds and the opportunity for you to purchase dealer extras.       

Window Tint:

Some vehicles (mostly SUVs, CUV’s and vans) come with tint on the windows behind the front seats.  The benefits are keeping the vehicle cooler, offering UV protection and providing privacy. 

  • For most buyers tint from factory will be satisfactory.  However if you want more, aftermarket installers are common but research the brands your local shop is using.  Low quality tint film can discolor or fade over time and poor installation can cause air bubbles or peeling. What is the warranty, does it cover the installation and what is the cost?  Do your research and don’t over pay. 

Ceramic Coating:

Applying Ceramic Coating

The recent advances in the technology behind ceramic coating have been significant.  So in turn this service has seen a boom in popularity.  Ceramic coating is essentially a stronger more permanent wax for the exterior of your vehicle.  The benefits include protection from scratches and blemishes as well as UV rays. In addition water will bead and dirt will not stick to the paint as easily. Applying ceramic coating is a detailed and time consuming process because it involves paint correction. Keep in mind correcting paint imperfections before product application adds to cost.  Many dealers sell consumers a ceramic coating product that is not unlike a typical wax so do your research.  Ask about the brand of coating used and the process.  If the dealer provides a quality coating applied professionally, it is a great way to protect your vehicle.    

GAP Protection:

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP Coverage) can protect buyers if they get into an accident resulting in a total loss.  The insurance provider will cover the value of the vehicle not necessarily what the consumer owes on a loan.  So if the consumer owes more than the vehicle is worth they must pay the full amount borrowed.  This is where GAP coverage covers what is owed to the lender.  Certainly consider GAP coverage if you are financing with 0 down, at a subprime rate or extended term of 6, 7 or 8+ years. Therefore if you fall into any of these categories you could owe more than the car is worth for a duration of the loan. 

Are You Covered?

Extended Warranty:

An extended warranty is an optional warranty that can complement a manufactures warranty and continue after it ends.  If a repair is not covered by the manufactures warranty an extended warranty can cover costly out of pocket expenses.  However these warranties vary and there are a few things to consider.  Is the warranty from the automaker or a third party company?   Research the business and find out their track record.  All the details will be in the warranty contract the dealer must provide you. Most importantly take the time to review it before signing.

  • The term of the warranty. How long is it, is it expressed by date, kilometers or a combination of both?
  • Look for a description of the components covered.  Is it a power train warranty, bumper to bumper, what’s covered?
  •  Maximum claim limits and total liability. Is there a limit on the number of claims you can make or total amount the provider will pay out?
  •  Deductible. Will you have to pay a deductible if you make claim?
  •  Is the warranty transferable to a new owner if you sell your vehicle?

Dealer Accessories:

            Most manufactures have a catalogue of accessories for you to choose from.  For example roof racks, mud flaps, floor mats and winter tires just to name a few.  Keep in mind the dealer is not the only option for accessories. Do your research on what’s available in the aftermarket.  You will find there are many aftermarket brands that offer a quality product at a competitive price.  

Roof Racks with Cargo Box


Dealers offer a wide variety of extras that can be worthwhile.  In short there is not one right yes or no answer to should you buy a certain dealer product or service.  So what is important is that you do your research and compare what is available elsewhere.