6 Tips for a Better Mobile Office

Whether you need to work in your car because your job is on the road, or you just want some quiet space outside your home, you can turn your car into a mobile office. In this blog post, we will look at six tips for a better mobile office.

How to Take Advantage of Working in Your Car

  • Sit somewhere other than the driver’s seat. With the steering wheel in the way for the driver’s position, we rate this as the least comfortable seat in most vehicles. Of course, if you drive something like the Ford F-150, which has a centre console that turns into a desk…well, then. We can’t argue with that. The most comfortable spot in the car, in our opinion, is the passenger seat. It moves almost as much as the driver’s seat, still offers you the ability to change controls on the dash, and affords you the room without the steering wheel in the way.
  • Get out and move every hour. This is important for proper blood flow and to make sure your body doesn’t hurt after a day of sitting in the car. The seats in a car are usually some of the comfiest seats you can sit on. However, most people in most vehicles will sit with their legs slightly elevated, a less natural position for humans.
  • Tint your windows so you have some privacy both while working or taking a break. Window tinting can be done fairly cheaply and on every window except the windshield. We suggest getting the darkest tint that is legal in your jurisdiction for maximum privacy and heat deflection during the day.
  • Use the car’s sound system to your advantage. This includes Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and, of course, the USB or auxiliary input. Bluetooth allows you to take calls hands free through the car’s speakers and built-in microphone. A lot of modern vehicles, such as the Nissan Titan, are equipped with microphones that can cancel the surrounding sound to isolate only your voice and give you professional-quality sound. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto help you perform functions on your phone without ever touching it. Essentially, no more fumbling around your car or your desk for your devices.
  • Some vehicles even offer an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hub. The Chevy Equinox, for example, lets you purchase a data plan through GM’s OnStar system. This gives you home-speed Wi-Fi, saving you from tethering devices to your mobile signal. If your car doesn’t have that option, try these Wi-Fi options instead.
  • Take advantage of your mobile office: change the scenery. Work at a nearby lake, forest, or farmer’s field. This is certainly a perk that home-office workers don’t have! The freedom can reinvigorate what can otherwise be a mundane workday.

Enjoy Your Mobile Office

Working from your car—your mobile office—is an important option if you travel a lot for your job, want to work while you’re waiting for the kids at their after-school activities, or just need some peace and quiet. The increased adoption of in-car technologies allows working in the car to be more comfortable than ever. And who knows? Maybe one day WFC—work from car—will become as widely spread as WFH—work from home.