Classes of RVs

Heading to a national park in Ontario? Or visiting some of our beautiful waterways and locks? One way to get away is in a space of your own on wheels, a recreational vehicle (RV). From bus-sized motorhomes to campervans, we’ll explore the different classes of RVs.

There are three different classes of RVs: Class A motorhomes are the size of a bus, Class B motorhomes are van conversions, and Class C motorhomes have a bed above the cab.

RV Class A

Class A motorhomes are built on a large, heavy-duty frame similar to commercial buses and 18-wheelers. In fact, most of them will share not just a frame but a drivetrain, brakes, wheels and suspension as well. This means that they’re built to carry weight, because most of these motorhomes have a lot of the luxuries you’re used to at home.

Some Class A motorhomes will be custom made for Hollywood stars or world-famous musicians who create their home away from home. They range from 29 to 45 feet long, feature one primary bedroom and tables that turn into beds or pull-out couches, sleeping six to eight people.

Because of their size and features, they’re usually powered by a diesel engine. They may be powered by gas, but regardless of fuel type, these motorhomes will be expensive to run and maintain. Not to mention they can be challenging for drivers who are not used to something of this size. In Ontario, a 2020 Class A motorhome gently used is over $300,000.

RV Class B

Class B motorhomes look exactly like vans. In fact, that’s where we get the term campervan, because these vans have been converted into campers. They’re the smallest of the motorhomes and lack the space of larger RVs and trailers. They’re perfect for couples or singles and may not work as well with a family.

Class B motorhomes don’t offer a full bathroom, like the larger RVs do. They offer instead a wet bath, a sort of all-in-one combo. However, the pay-off is a lower entry point into the RV market. These motorhomes may be based on a Mercedes Sprinter, or Ram Promaster, meaning they are relatively fuel efficient. At only 14 to 18 feet long, they’re relatively easy to park. In Ontario, a 2021 Class B motorhome brand new is under $170,000.

RV Class C

Class C motorhomes are most recognizable by the sleeping area over the cab. They’re very similar to Class B motorhomes at the front: they use a van cab and chassis. However, to get more room, Class C motorhomes have a large box body that is built for the accommodations. This enables Class C motorhomes to have power slide-outs that create more space when parked and to have more room for the kitchen and a full bathroom.

Class C motorhomes are usually built on Ford E-450 or Chevrolet Express platforms, which make them reasonably efficient compared to Class A models but worse on fuel than Class B ones due to the boxier shape. They do, however, offer the capability to tow a second vehicle or boat behind them. Class C motorhomes are 30-33 feet long. In Ontario, a 2022 Class C motorhome starts at under $150,000.

Chose an RV Class That Fits You

Regardless of the size of RV you and your family are looking for, there’ll be one to fit your camping needs. RV dealerships can be a great resource to help pick the right motorhome for you. They offer large lots with multiple models and styles to help you compare options. They also have the knowledge to help steer you in the right direction. Once you have picked the right vehicle, it’s time to pack up and hit the open road!