7 Gadgets to Help With Your Mobile Home Office

Whether you travel on the road or just like to work in your car for a change of scenery, having these items on hand can make your working time in your vehicle more comfortable.

Plug-in Cooler

Healthy foods and drinks can keep your brain functioning all day. Moreover, you’ll save tons on takeout. Although a lunch bag or plastic cooler with ice packs can work, a plug-in one comes with a few bonuses: no more condensation to deal with, no more forgetting the ice pack, and it’ll keep your contents cool all day. Just remember Ontario’s very strict alcohol laws.

Lap Desk

Tired of feeling the heat from your laptop’s batteries? Or do you prefer to spread out a little and use a real mouse instead of a track pad? A lap desk will give you some solid work space in the vehicle. You don’t need an expensive one. This lap desk on Amazon, for example, is about $20 at the time of writing and hooks onto your steering wheel.

Mobile Printer

Mobile printers are handy if you need to print something while on the go. This could be anything from a form you need to send via snail mail to a chapter from your latest manuscript that you’d rather edit by hand at a lake. Depending on where you shop, whether Amazon or Staples, you can easily find one for under $300.

Power Adapter

Some vehicles come with one household outlet inside the vehicle, but a lot don’t. Buying a power adapter lets you recharge any device that plugs into a regular outlet if it dies while you’re on the road. This is especially handy for older cars. You can likely find one for $30-$40.

Reading Light

No need to burn out your car’s battery if it’s dark out and you’re still working. Portable reading lights can solve that problem. They can clip onto a book you’re reading for research, sit on your lap desk, or even hang around your neck.

Car Neck Pillow

Extra support behind your neck can help relieve tired muscles and reduce headaches both while driving and working. Car neck pillows come in a range of materials, from memory foam to polyester. You’ll even find inflatable ones. However, some are designed for napping, so take care to purchase something that suits your working and driving needs!

Lower Back Support

Depending on your vehicle and your health, you may benefit from purchasing a cushion designed to support your lower back. This can ease pain in the region and make your mobile office more comfortable. However, it’s not a replacement for stepping out of the car and taking short walks.

Ready, Set, Get to Work!

The right gadgets in your mobile office can make your workday drive by so much faster. Hey, they could even up the enjoyment factor! With mobile technology making it easier to work on the road, why not take some time away from the office—when you can—to change the scenery a little? Ergonomic car design has come a long way. You’ll even find used cars from not too long ago with comfortable seats. Purchase a few items to make the interior workable, and you have yourself a mobile office!