Does Driving with Children Stress You Out?

A survey commissioned by Hyundai Canada found that safety concerns when driving with children is the huge for a majority (84%) of parents.

Driving with children

Here’s when parent concerns lie:

  • One in five parents agree that driving with children in the vehicle stresses them out
  • 80 percent of parents are concerned about the distracted driving behavior of other drivers

Highways are the location they feel the greatest concern while driving with almost half (41%) extremely or very concerned, followed closely by streets with bike lanes (37%) and school parking lots (35%);
Fear of an accident/crash is the greatest concern of parents while driving with children in the vehicle (54%), followed by bad/distracted drivers (21%) or themselves becoming distracted (12%);

Interestingly, while concern for safety is heightened with children in the vehicle, texting and driving is still an occurrence.  Despite the laws in place, half of parents admit to using a cell phone while driving (talking or texting with a handheld device) and a majority of parents report using a cell phone while stopped at a traffic light (61%); Nearly half of all parents are somewhat concerned with their child opening doors while the vehicle is in motion (45%).

Safety concerns

In terms of what families look for in a vehicle, safety is of prime importance to parents:

  1. 38% rank vehicle safety the most important factor they consider
  2. 25% consider cost
  3. 13% look at fuel efficiency
  4. 58% consider an SUV is the ideal type of vehicle

The study also found that nearly half of parents – 49% – are concerned with a child opening the doors when the vehicle is stopped, before someone can assist them. Find out more about the best family cars by

Quickly exit the vehicle

Here are few other interesting reasons to exit the vehicle quickly during a typical trip:

  • Bathroom breaks – 28%
  • Accident or car trouble – 17%
  • Car sickness – 10%

“Vehicle and safe driving worries are something that most parents can relate to,” said Lawrence Hamilton, Director of Marketing, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. “Parents feeling confident in their vehicle is crucial…by starting this conversation we want to alleviate some of the car-related stress and equip parents with the knowledge that new safety tech that is out there.” Read more about handy high tech car accessories from our blog.

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